Feed the world – Love the ocean

At Aqualoop, we believe that open ocean aquaculture represents a transformational opportunity. Life in our oceans is important for global carbon balance, and life in our oceans is an important source for healthy and more sustainable food. At Aqualoop, we believe that open ocean aquaculture will prove to be a responsible and profitable way to produce sustainable marine foods while safeguarding our oceans’ wildlife.

At Aqualoop, naval architects, offshore and aquaculture experts and others have spent many years developing our new and proprietary solution for open ocean aquaculture – the Aqualoop Big Dipper. One Aqualoop Big Dipper has the capacity to produce up to 20 000 tons of Atlantic Salmon per year. The Aqualoop Big Dipper is designed for application anywhere on planet Earth’s oceans and in any weather conditions, and it onboards all necessary support systems for optimal biological production of fish. We will have an initial focus on Atlantic Salmon, but the Aqualoop Big Dipper can be applied for biological production of other fish in any ocean temperature zones.

The Aqualoop team consists of experienced entrepreneurs with proven track records from aquaculture, offshore and onshore bioprocess industries. Our CEO is Bård Skjelstad, who has previously been CTO at ScaleAQ and held key positions at among other SalMar and AquaGen.

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